Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009


Having just watched the classic Clint Eastwood western Unforgiven.
I felt moved to write a song based on its story. Here it is...

he rode his mare in the west kansas rain
under the brim of his hat, unspeakable pain
the sky she cried like his soul in the night
why is it so hard for a man to stay right?

we all got it comin
there's no lying about that
we all got it comin
no gettin round that

in the town of big whiskey in 1881
little bill laid down his law for everyone
his boots of hardened leather callous and cruel
beat with savage precision those he cast as fools.


will and ned and the schofield kid lookin for their reward
in the ruins of a womans face, they were employed
for the wages of a whore and the vengence of the deed
the calm sight of a springfield rifle was all they would need...


ned took aim but couldn’t bear to kill no more
will took the springfield rifle and avenged the whore
and when the time came for the second killing scene
the schofield kid filled him with lead and felt sickened by what he'd seen..


so little bill captured ned and tortured him with whip and word
until he passed without a gasp he had fallen on will's sword
they put him out for all to see, his lifeless form a mockery
of all he came to live for so far beyond his history


and so it was on a stormy night, wills shadow framed the room
his shotgun and his pistols stilled the crazed saloon
with fatal speed little bill fell along with his deputies
will cursed the town as the rain shot down like a steel breeze


cut to the kansas farmhouse where his wife lies beneath a lonesome tree
silhouetted by the sunset and all he came to be
the past it is alive it seems no matter where we go
and all the rain in the world wont wash it down, but in the end who knows...


words and music by william bates
t21music 2009


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

so many times

...give a guy a video camera and some editing software...put him in a room on an early tuesday afternoon in 2.09 and this is what he comes up with...

Smoke and Mirrors Video


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