Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cedar 55671

Cedar 55671

The night air: cool like a pistol
The dim light fades: so subliminal
It’s all so meaningful..yeah

A filter pass on my cigarette
I love the things time forgets
I wonder where they all went

It’s a film noir, it’s the road ahead
It’s a 40’s call from my femme fatale instead
Dial cedar 55671
Dial cedar 55671

Jealous moon don’t scare my stars away
You’re so cold : ancient anyway
It doesn't matter what I say

In my room, there’s a place
John sings: Brian’s spaced
And madness is erased..yeah


Like a top, you spin in flight
Its another: restless night
You got it got it right

On TCM Bogart wakes
In black and white, by the gate
I want Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake…


Cedar 55671
Words and Music by William Bates
T21Music 2009

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