Saturday, April 16, 2011

Acoustic Demo in Mono

I Gotta Get Out of This Town

it's an april sky in a midnight cloak
my sins are washed away in a cloud of smoke
nerves are coiled like a restless snake
if this be a dream, pray God let me wake.

one day you're up
and then you're down
i gotta get out of this town.

once had it all but was too blind to see
all the angels in front of me
funny how time gives credence to the right
how distance makes even brighter the light.


it's a story told
a thousand times i guess...and:
maybe those on the road
can tell you the rest
maybe they can tell you the rest.

it's a match head flicker in the well
it's a charlatan with no more stories to tell
the sands have run out in your hourglass
it's a one way street with no room to pass


I Gotta Get Out of This Town
words and music by wm. bates
daysiknew music 2011

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