Wednesday, October 8, 2008

into the forest...

into the forest

..think i'll take a walk in the wistful woods tonight
pay homage to the spirits, find the ghostly light....
deep into the forest: where the black cat howls
there i find my master: she suffers and she scowls

her eyes are cinnamon, her frame is so well built
and with a flick of her lashes she removes all my guilt...
don’t follow me sister, ' cuz i walk a wayward path
my soul might betray you, my words might be your epitaph...

in the thicket by the clearing by the old canal
all i got to say boys is feets don’t fail me now.
cuz there’s something about the quiet like a deafening roar
if i was what i once was i could not take this anymore...

i'll penetrate the darkness, throw caution to the wind
ill mail all these love letters i keep forgettin' to send
ill rage like a phantom, fleeing the life he once led
ill take back what i remember replace it with things you said...

words and music by w. bates

Saturday, October 4, 2008

acoustic melancholia

'til i remember
words and music by wm.bates
t21music 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Superstock Dodge

the clouds are threatening, there's evil in the air
the blacktop glistens, upon my headlight glare
7 years of bad luck, on a suicide squeeze
there's only one thing that will bring me to my knees

my superstock dodge....

it's the ides of march, the hush before the storm
i see you on your front porch, all cuddled up and warm
in one hand you've a locket, in the other hand a key
you smile at me so sweetly and thrown them down to me

my superstock dodge...
my red flamin' carb rockin' shift boppin' heart stoppin'
superstock dodge

words and music by william bates
t21music 2008

Superstock Dodge (instrumental mix)

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